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Simplify your finance workflow

Save time and money by using a single platform. Set fees, accept payments and control the flow of funds in Pectora.

finance workflow

Beautifully branded invoices

Customize the look and feel of invoices and receipts sent to your customers. Upload your logo, choose the information to include, and adjust color schemes.

finance workflows

Streamlined workflows

Collect up-front payments or issue invoices upon completion. Perform batch operations to save time and reduce your workload.

A platform to call your own

Pectora’s integration with Stripe Connect gives you the power to be the platform of your customers. Enable payments on your customers account so they can collect payments for their training events and class registrations. Control the flow of funds, platform fees and payout timing.

your platform
your data is yours

Your data is yours

Customizable data exports make it easy to take your data where you need. With multiple data formats supported, ensuring your data flows smoothly across the services you use is a breeze.

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